Ministering in the Mundane

A reminder to the weary woman who is taking a precious timeout to read these words: Take heart.

As you tackle (once again) those endless loads of laundry, those never-ending piles of dirty dishes, those perpetually messy floors—take heart. Your Creator smiles with pleasure as you minister in the mundane matters of your home—because these are His good works that you are doing. You are, as Ephesians 2:10 tells us, God’s poeima—His workmanship—created in Christ Jesus for such good works as these, which God prepared beforehand, that you should walk in them. Ministering in the Mundane

What if we could hold tightly to the notion that these endless loads of laundry, these never-ending piles of dirty dishes, these perpetually messy floors to which we attend are our good works…that these good works were prepared beforehand—just for us? And when we fold that next load of laundry, or pick up those toys for the thirty-eighth time, or empty that dishwasher again, our God looks with favor on our labor—because it is a good and acceptable sacrifice to Him. These works are our ministry.

I was reminded of this ministry of the mundane in a beautiful way last night as I read a passage from Shadow of the Almighty: The Life and Testament of Jim Elliot, Elisabeth Elliot’s biography of her husband. Be blessed by words from his journal:

I’ve been comforted this week thinking of our Lord’s thirty silent years of readying Himself at home with His family and bending over a carpenter’s bench. Were those days any less of a fragrance to God than His later work before the eyes of the people? I think not. A well-made piece of furniture and a healed blind man represented the same thing to the Father—a job well done; mission accomplished. So with us here. Nothing great, but what is that to Him with whom there is no great or small?

—from the journal of Jim Elliot

May we all take heart, dear friends, in Mr. Elliot’s words—and the fact that our Creator looks upon our ministry in our home as a job well done, a fragrant offering to Him. And may that perspective change the way we feel about our ministry.


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